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Items For Sale:

By Manufacturers

Post / Hemmi
K & E
Golden Gem

By Type

special purpose, military and unusual slide rules
flight computers
slide charts


Other Items

--none at this time, check back again

Books and Manuals

Post manuals and documentation
Keuffel & Esser (K&E) manuals and documentation
Pickett manuals and documentation
Misc books on slide rules, "how to use", etc

Free shipping within continental United States for most orders over $100.00.
Items must be ordered at the same time.
Items must fit into one box and be shipped at the same time to qualify for this offer.
Some over size and/or heavy items will not qualify for this offer.

For an explanation of the Condition Codes, refer to:   Condition Codes

For a listing of USPS shipping insurance rates:
USPS insurance rates

Please reference the item number in all correspondence.  
Shipping will be added to all transactions. Unless a fixed charge is indicated.  
Insurance is optional.    

Email:   for-sale //-at-// this web site 

Condition Code Description System

Following is the condition description system originated by the Dutch Circle of Slide Rule Collectors
and also used by The Oughtred Society.
This system will be used on this site.


Mint condition with all extras such as box, case and instruction manual present also in mint condition, factory clean.


Mint condition with all extras such as box, case and instruction manual present but these extras are not in mint condition.


Mint condition but without one or more of the extras.


Very minimal signs of use (first impression is that it is new but by careful inspection you find a slight scratch).


Minimal signs of use ( say on the back side on end plate one can see it was used, otherwise very nice).


Signs of normal use (one third of all rules are C5).


Signs of heavy use (ugly but not damaged).


Small damage but for the rest C4 quality or better.*


Damaged and well worn.*

*Important information, like "cursor glass broken" or "cursor missing" or any kind of damage, will also be included.

Acronym expanation


New In the Box (NIB) or sometimes called Mint In the Box (MIB). These slide rules are the hardest to find. They look as if they just left the factory. And they are in the original packaging. Due to long storage (it could be up to 30 or 40 years), the boxes will show some 'shelf ware'. That is there may be some scuffing on the boxes, or some slight 'browning' of the paper. The manuals may have a permanent crease as a result of being folded in half for all these years. The number of these NIB or MIB slide rules decreases each year.

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